Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the Road to SRQ #3

“On the Road to SRQ”

How did YOU get here?

In a city where VERY few people are ‘native Sarasotans’, I have always found it fascinating to know HOW and WHY people found their way to SRQ!  This is the 3rd of a series of articles featuring some of your Favorite People telling their OWN Stories!

Thank you to:  Mark Bartlett, Melanie Massell, "BC", Matthew Dively & Claudia & Doug Deming for sharing their stories.  They didn't land smack dab in SRQ, but they got 'close', and we're glad they did!!!

Mark Bartlett
the Swordfish Grille
"Probably a newer transplant than most, I realized as soon as I came to the area- I was home. Prior to moving to the area I was a Detroit area native, that escaped to the Florida Keys to live for some 16 years. With escalating costs of living in paradise, it was time for a change. After a short stint in Central Florida my wife Karen and I missed the water and were looking for a coastal community to call home. Luckily, John Banyas of Cortez Bait & Seafood was looking for someone to put together and operate a restaurant at his Cortez property. A phone call from John to a mutual acquaintance in the seafood and restaurant business in the Keys ,my previous employer, put us together. A day later as I arrived in the area, It seemed like I found my favorite blue jeans in the back of the closet and knew it was a comfortable fit. I then realized how much I missed the water, the sand and yes even the smell of fish. I was hooked and  I'm here to stay."

"What brought this Georgia Peach to Florida?
Melanie Massell
My lucky “dancing stars” did…that and my amazingly wise husband, Jack Jacobs. 
We knew that once Jack retired in 2007 we wanted to live somewhere along the West coast of Florida and capture a sunset every night while watching its reflection create “dancing stars” across the water.  We just didn’t know where in Florida this would be.  After a couple of years of extended weekend getaways driving along the coastline peeping into nooks and crannies from Clearwater to Marco Island, we found our destination on Perico Island.  And being so close to Sarasota was the icing on the cake for me as a seasoned song stylist and entertainer.  (Remember – Jack is the one who retired.)  So we planted a stake in the ground in May 2002 and moved permanently on June 6, 2007.  I can still hear the tires screeching and see the U-Haul nearly popping a wheelie out of the driveway in Atlanta.  I don’t mean that in any derogatory way, being a native Atlanta girl, it’s just that home was calling us…500 miles away.    Our families and some of the finest musicians I have ever worked with still live there, making it fortunate for us to revisit often and stock up on memories and music.  Since our first night here we have literally given thanks every evening at sunset – not only for the beauty of another day in paradise, but also for the good fortune we have found in making so many new friends and the plethora of exciting opportunities there have been in re-establishing my career here."

"December 27th,1990 I hopped in my truck in my hometown of Charleston,WV and drove to Bradenton,FL. to visit some friends of mine. I was only going to be in Florida a couple of days. The first night in Bradenton,we all went out to a nightspot on Holmes Beach to hear a band called "Eclipse" perform. I sat in with Eclipse and was offered the job. I accepted and Eclipse became my band and I'm still here! I love it here!" 

“I grew up in Bradenton, FL and then moved
Matthew Dively
Owner, Blu Que Island Grill
to Brussels, Belgium for High School.  That is where I got interested in food.  Then, after finishing high school in Europe, I moved to Charleston, SC and went to Johnson and Wales and got my degree in Culinary Arts & Hotel Management.  I then moved back to Bradenton and became a manager at OylerRays Tiki Bar for two years prior to my father and I opening Blu Que Island Grill.  We have now been open for 5 years.”

"After closing my family's manufacturing
Doug & Claudia Deming
the "Jewel Tones"
business in the Detroit area in 2007, my husband and I started toying with the idea of moving to Florida. I only knew the Atlantic coast and the keys- I had never been to the gulf coast. My husband had come thru Bradenton a few times touring with his band, Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones. He asked me to check it out so we took a vacation on Anna Maria Island. After my first step in that beautiful white sand I was hooked. We packed up and moved to Bradenton in December of 2009. Doug put together a new band, still going by The Jewel Tones, and can be found playing clubs in Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete and beyond when the band is not out touring nationally. Doug has his captain's license and is an avid fisherman, as well, so when he's not gigging, he's out on the boat. I started a new business, Deming Estate Sales, and conduct appraisals and estate sales in Sarasota and surrounding cities. Oh, and I like to fish too! We just love our 
slice of Paradise, and love sharing it with our Michigan family and friends." 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

YachtSea Grille Casual Riverside Dining (101 Riverfront Blvd., Bradenton, Florida) 941-896-9660

a "LeslieSRQ Dishes it UP" Restaurant Review
A ‘touch of  by-gone elegance & gentility’  was discovered while dining at the YachtSea Grille!

I have to admit, that dining out for me, is more about the ‘experience’, than it is about being hungry!!!  From the moment I approached the YachtSea Grille I felt transported to a state of relaxation as though I was on a brief vacation.  The fact that the Grille is positioned  with a view of the water and the tops of yachts and palm trees are visible, certainly contributes to this altered state.  I know we all live in Florida, so we are blessed to dine in paradise every day.  However, the YachtSea Grille made me feel like a rather privileged & pampered guest in Paradise!

Before I delve into descriptions of the incredibly fresh food offered,  I have to tell you what impressed me the MOST about dining at the YachtSea Grille and it has NOTHING to do with food!

AFTER the meal, our server delivered  an after-dinner surprise:  Hot Towels & Lemons!  
Hot Towels & Lemon
I can’t remember the last time I dined in our area (and I am a native) that I have seen this!  Then it occurred to me why the restaurant had used the word ‘Yacht’ in their name.   This hospitable gesture is often seen aboard luxury yachts!  This spa-like treatment was the perfect culmination to a relaxing meal.  These kind of ‘touches’ say a LOT about the owner ……………..

Speaking of the owner, Kurt Petty hails from the Kansas City area and spent 14 years coming down to visit his parents (who retired in our area) prior to establishing the YachtSea Grille!  Kurt prides himself on providing his guests with FRESH ingredients!!!  Both his Seafood and his Beef are delivered daily and are of 
‘yacht-worthy’ quality! 

I had arrived a bit early, so I decided to take a tour of the ‘yacht’ prior to my dining companion’s arrival. 

You enter the yacht from their outside covered ‘deck’ which has several lovely wood deck chairs and tables.  Upon entering the main ‘concourse’ there is a casual dining room that has been designed for comfort but without sacrificing the view.  The use of the clear-view walls allows for a feeling of being outdoors.   There is also an ‘inside deck’ full bar that also has seating available.

Choosing the dining room, I was quickly greeted by my server “Chanise”. 

Chanise was not only charming and accommodating,  she was a wealth of knowledge about the menu.  She spoke with absolute pride when she described the many choices available on the menu.  Chanise is a real asset, not only to the Owner, but to the customer!  I decided to order a glass of wine and an appetizer and continue to survey the menu.

My Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip arrived promptly!!!  So often this dish is kind of a ‘hot mess’ with everything kind of merging together.  
This version was prepared in such a way, that the  tender artichoke hearts sumptuously melded between spinach and parmesan cheeses, actually allowing each ingredient to stand out.   Served with fresh out of the oven tortilla chips - $9, this was an excellent precursor to what would be 
the rest of my meal.

My dining companion arrived and enjoyed nibbling on the appetizer with me.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time to devote to leisurely perusing the menu, since we had a 7:30 p.m. curtain call at the Manatee Performing Arts Center!   We mentioned this to Chanise, and she was quick to tell us that we would receive a 10% Theatre Discount on our Meal that evening!   Not only does the YachtSea Grill have a scenic location, it is also within close proximity to many of Bradenton’s best amenities:  
Manatee Performing Arts Center
The New Theatre as well as the new RiverWalk.  Chanise graciously guided us through the decision-making process as to make sure we dined promptly and made it to the theatre on time.

Despite the WIDE Variety of choices on the menu, I was just in one of those ‘Burger’ moods!!!  In particular, after Chanise told me about their ‘gourmet’ burgers which were 50% Angus Certified Beef and 50% Ground Short Ribs!    I ordered the Baby Bella Black and Blue Burger: Sautéed Baby Bella mushrooms, topped with melted marbled blue cheese $13.  I also chose the side salad in lieu of the fries & other options.
Baby Bella Black & Blue Burger

I have always been very careful not to use the adjective "Best" in a review!  However, without hesitation, this burger was the “BEST BURGER” I have had since I moved back home to Florida!!!    Served at the perfect temp that I wanted,  (medium rare/emphasis on rare) this tasty, juicy, scrumptious, bordering on decadent burger should be re-named the “Paradise Burger”!!!  Served on a toasted Pretzel roll with a generous topping of blue cheese, I was in heaven!

My dining companion ordered the Southwest Chicken Cobb: A mixture of red leaf, green leaf, and fresh baby spinach, topped with seasoned hickory-grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, sliced eggs, pecan wood smoked bacon, mix cheese, red onions & avocado (Mate $7 Captain $12).  She chose one of their signature salad dressings, the homemade apple vinaigrette.  
Southwest Chicken Cobb
Again, this dish paid ‘homage’ to owner, Kurt Petty’s mission to provide only Fresh & Flavorful ingredients.  The salad was also presented in such a way that one did not have to attack it with a knife & fork to partake of it!!!  Yes, a bit of a 'pet peeve' of mine since I don't want to work before I partake!!!  As you can see from the photo, this was a very generous salad and the chicken had a 'delicate' Southwest stamp on it!

Despite the lure of LIVE Theatre (Les Miserables at the Manatee Performing Arts Hall), I truly did not want to leave the 'Yacht'!  Especially after receiving the hot towels & lemon, I want to hang around and be pampered some more!  However, I was comforted in the knowledge that I would return soon to sample some more of the fresh offerings as described by Chanise.  One in particular fascinated me!  They offer Fresh Salmon from SWEDEN cooked on a cedar plank.  I made a mental note to include this on my next visit and was already envisioning it next to their Kansas City Ribs which was ALSO not going to be missed!  Looks like I'll have to have more than one dining companion next time!!!

Speaking of lots of companions, YachtSea Grill is currently offering an all-you-can-eat BBQ Special on Sundays! Do yourself a favor, and visit  YachtSea Grille Website to see ALL their Specials!  
Greg Roche
They also have LIVE entertainment which currently includes Greg Roche on Saturdays from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bob's Train - a LeslieSRQ "Dishes it UP" Restaurant Review

Bob's Train

BOB'S TRAIN - Restaurant Review
Come on board for a magical tour of the CIRCUS and a MOOSE Burger!

a 'unique & entertaining' Dining Experience for Adults & Children alike!

I probably should start this article with a ‘discaimer’:  The burger is NOT really made from a MOOSE!!  “Mozzarella, Olives, Onions, Sauce (homemade horseradish) & Extras (lettuce & tomatoes) ground beef burger” $8.75.  
Welcome aboard!

However, you will be eating this Burger on a REAL Circus Train!    The Circus had ‘Dancing Elephants’…… why NOT a ‘Moose Burger”?

Bob’s Train is a restaurant in Sarasota aboard real Circus Trains!!  The most ‘infamous’ of the trains, is John Ringling’s personal private train car (JOMAR).  Owned by Bob Horne, this is a living TRIBUTE to the Magical History of the Circus.  Bob is not only the owner, but he is also the chef and chief ‘Tour Guide’!  
Circus Memorabilia
The aisles of the trains are literally lined with circus memorabilia (posters & autographed photos) and  Bob can tell you the stories and history behind each and every one of them!  In fact, Bob himself is much like the ‘Ring Master’ of his own restaurant!

Open for lunch from 11 – 2:30 Monday through Friday, plan on having an extended lunch so you don’t miss anything!  We also recommend making a reservation by calling 941-321-5643.

Sue & Robert
My most recent trip to Bob’s Train was to reunite with friends I grew up with in Sarasota who also experienced the Circus in its ‘hay day’!  
Brenda, Leslie & Rilla

Despite our advanced age, we all felt like kids again when on board the ‘Circus Trains’!  
After a lot of hugs and some catching up, we all turned our attention to the MENU at Bob’s Train.

Bob’s Train offers everything from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers to entrees!!  There were several items that tempted me but I am only one person.  One of the perks of dining with friends, is that several of them agreed to let me have a ‘bite’ of what they ordered (including a ‘Moose Bite’)!

One guest (a frequent Bob’s Train visitor) highly recommended the “Blue Cheese Chips” (Danish Bleu Cheese melted over homemade potato chips) $6.75  
Homemade Blue Cheese Chips
OK…… I had MORE than one ‘bite’!!  (Who can stop with just 1-bite when it comes to potato chips?)  In a word, “Delicious”!  Thank you to Rilla Fleming.

Before I proceed, I’ve talked about the “Moose Burger”, but I haven’t told you how GOOD it was!!  My friend, Brenda Whittle Smith, kind of had to be convinced to order it.  (I think she wasn’t quite sure it wasn’t a real Moose).
In particular, I loved the combination of the olives and mozzarella.  It kind of reminded me of the Muffuletta of New Orlean’s fame.  Thank you, Brenda for the ‘moose bite’.

My own selection from the menu was the “Beef Cordon Green” $9.85  This was described as
Beef Cordon Green
“center cut roast beef w./melted Provolone & wilted spinach rolled up and sautéed in extra virgin olive oil”.   This dish absolutely melted in my mouth and I consumed every morsel.

Other selections made by friends, were the Chicken Salad Sandwich; the Brittany Salad; & the Ham  Sandwich.
Ham sandwich, Brittany salad, Chicken Salad sandwich

Private Dining Room

Taking a break in between ‘bites’, I wandered down the myriad of train aisles and stumbled across a special room.  

Bob has orchestrated a delightful area that gives the appearance of a private dining car.  Set with fine china & crystal, this was an enchanting setting.  I made a mental note to remember this room for a special occasion.  
"BOB" in the kitchen

Proceeding down the aisle (very slowly as to take in all the many pictures and posters), I then discovered where Bob was when he wasn’t telling us his fascinating stories and acting as the tour guide.  YEP, that was the ‘ring master’ himself, hiding in the kitchen ‘ring’!!  Speaking of 'hiding', this unique Treasure of Sarasota's Circus History, is somewhat challenging to find!  I suggest you take a look at the following link for driving instructions!  Bob's Train Driving Directions. (Click on the sentence that begins with "Bob's Train Driving Directions" to be taken to the page).
I'm already looking forward to a return trip to Bob's Train.  No matter how many times I have been there, I always find some priceless article of Circus Memorabilia I didn't see before!   I also want to sample some more items from his menu.  I highly RECOMMEND putting this special Sarasota gem on your 'to do' list and don't forget it the next time YOU are giving your OWN 'tour of SRQ'!  Your visitors, your kids, your grandchildren.........will LOVE it!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will MONGOLIAN BEEF help revive the North Trail? 
a commentary & restaurant review by LeslieSRQ

If you have been in Sarasota for any length of time, you know that the North Trail (N. Tamiami/41) has seen its share of challenges!!  

At one time, this part of Sarasota was what you would refer to as the 'main drag'.   North Tamiami Trail was virtually the 'Street of Tourism'!  As a visitor, you flew into the SRQ Airport, got in a car and embarked on your TOUR of Sarasota starting on the North Trail!  Sarasota ALWAYS makes an excellent '1st impression' to our visitors.  

Shortly after embarking South on the trail, visitors are treated to the 'grandeur' of the RINGLING Art Museum! Back in Sarasota's Hay
Ringling Museum of Art
Day", the RINGLING name was a significant draw for visitors!!  Other Florida cities had “BEACHES”, but Sarasota had the CIRCUS!!

Speaking of the Circus, you would also pass by the "Circus Hall of Fame" where a big CIRCUS Wagon was on display in a large glass building.
Circus Hall of Fame

If you were driving, you had barely gone a mile and already Sarasota was living up to its promise of "Stardust, Spangles & Dreams"!

Continuing south, you would more than likely be heading to one of the many little “Mom & Pop” motels that dotted the trail.  Many of these motels exist today and very few look any different than they did when they were first built!  One can only assume, these small, independent motels are ‘eeking’ out a living.
Allamanda Motel

Continuing south a short distance, Sarasota's Main Street is just a left turn.  There was a brief time when this area ALSO declined.   I  am happy to report that it currently has been lovingly and creatively restored to its former glory!  

Continue south and literally find yourself at Marina Jack which has just continued to get
Marina Jack (earlier days)
better and better over the years!  Marina Jack was and still is kind of the 'demarcation' point of where the N. Trail ends.

Make a right before you get to Marina Jack and you find yourself navigating bridges to Sarasota's holy grail "Lido Beach".

SO.......what happened to the North Trail?  It breaks my heart when I see the buildings in disrepair and the businesses that now are vacant and abandoned!  Furthermore, from a purely business marketing sense, why doesn't Sarasota recognize that the North Trail is STILL the 'gateway' to the riches of Sarasota?  It certainly does not bode well for our community when our visitors arrive and their 1st introduction to Sarasota is a street that is paved with "LOST DREAMS"! 

OK,  this article is not written to invite a debate about this (maybe another time), but rather about HOPE!!  

I was heading back from IBE Barter (a viable business on the North Trail) and realized that I had not eaten lunch yet!  I had heard about a new restaurant called “the YUMMY House” (3232 N. Tamiami Trail) and was pleased to find myself driving by it while heading back north on
the trail.

It was relatively early (about 11:30 a.m.) but the restaurant was already filling up.  I was immediately greeted when I entered and promptly escorted to my table.  When I looked around at my surroundings, I had to immediately grab my camera and get up from my chair!  

The décor was tastefully & beautifully done!  The bar in the front side of the restaurant looked like something out of an ‘upscale nightclub’!
bar/kitchen @ YUMMY House

Hunger prevailing, I returned to my table to review the lunch menu.  The Yummy House is Chinese cuisine and the requisite ‘chop sticks’ had been placed on my table.  What I did NOT find was the usual little condiment ‘cart’ of plastic pouched sweet & sour and a bottle of Soy Sauce!!  The YUMMY House is proud to present themselves as an ‘Authentic Chinese Cuisine’ establishment, so this did not surprise me. 

There were some nice ‘surprises’ on the lunch menu but also some familiar selections such as ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’.  When I saw the lunch ‘prices’………..I thought this has got to be one of the BEST deals in town!!  Prices ranged from $6.99 - $8.99 and INCLUDED Jasmine Rice and a beverage.  

 I’m not going to pretend to have much ‘expertise’ when it comes to Chinese cuisine (in fact, I confess I use a fork and have a tendency to order the ‘tried & true’).   However, I was intrigued when I glanced at their regular (and very extensive) menu!!  Two things in particular caught my attention:  “Clay Pot entrees” and
Mongolian Beef
“Salt & Pepper" prepared entrees.  While my vivid imagination conjured up images of these items, I refocused back on lunch and ordered the “Mongolian Beef” (beef w/Crown Broccoli in an Oyster Brown Sauce).

My dish was placed in front of me and I immediately liked the way it was presented!  Two (2) mounds of fluffy Jasmine Rice were placed to one side.  So often Chinese food is presented in such a way that all the components are on top of each other!  The beef portion had its own ‘place on the plate’ and I found that pleasing!!!  Not too spicy but definitely NOT bland, the dish was perfectly seasoned.  The broccoli ‘crowns’ were cooked perfectly, the beef was tender and the portion was generous!

SO………will the “YUMMY House” help revive the North Trail?  We certainly hope so!!

NOTE:  There are, indeed, some viable & thriving businesses on the N. Trail.  Notably among them is McCurdy's Comedy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 29th


Old Main Street (12th)

Join us on Saturday, June 29th
starting at 6:00 p.m.

for our very own

(this is a casual & intimate
gathering among friends)

We will be focusing on Two (2) different venues BOTH located

on Old Main Street (12th street) 
and right ACROSS the street from each other!

EACH Location has an OUTDOOR Patio in front with Seating!

These patios will provide a great place 
to gather & get to know each other better!

Our "Headquarters" will be

PUB 88

"the sophistication of a Manhattan Night Spot with the laid back charm of historic downtown Bradenton"

 Georgia & Mike will be

performing from 6 until 10:00 p.m.

Food & Wine/Beer available

(Pub stays open until 2 a.m.)

Then DIRECTLY Across the Street is 



(Happy Hour from 2 - 7)

"Specialty" MARTINIS

Extensive MENU

(Pub stays open until 2 a.m.)

While PUB 88 will serve as kind of our HOME BASE......
the concept is to also visit the other PUBS of your choice
on Old Main Street!

Here are some other 'suggestions'

The Distillery

Cork's Cigar Bar

Old Main Pub

the Lost Kangaroo Pub

SO let's MEETUP 1st at Pub 88
436 12th Street S.W. (Old Main Street)
Bradenton, FL  ........

then you can visit the PUBS of your Choice!


We do request, out of courtesy to to the individual Pub Owners, that if you take up 'anchor' on their patio,

please ALSO give them your patronage.


There is on-street parking as well as a Public Parking Garage............ALL Free!

 Party posted on Facebook in the Group SRQ APPLAUSE .
Join us to receive UPDATES and to make comments!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wine/Piano Bar - PUB 88

436 12th Street SW, Bradenton  941-896-8877

Move over Elton John and your Red Piano!  The “Blue Piano” at Pub 88 has come to B-Town!

Matt Coates, owner, has just recently opened his new establishment in Bradenton on ‘Old Main Street”. 

Upon entering the establishment, the 1st thing you notice is the colorful blue ‘baby grand’ piano!
In all candor, I probably SHOULD mention that the piano is my favorite instrument!  So often in my musical travels, there is usually a ‘keyboard’ player…………but a “Pianist’ is a rare treat!!!

While the piano itself is a ‘showoff’, Matt (who is also the pianist) is NOT!  With absolutely no fanfare or bravado, he sat down and proceeded to play!  I was INSTANTLY transported to a place of musical tranquility!!  We’ve all heard that phrase ‘tinkling the keys’, and for the 1st time I experienced what this means!   Matt smoothly & effortlessly moved from song to song without even pausing for applause or recognition.   His 1st selection was Summer Time followed by Blue Moon and wrapping up with a little Van Morrison!   Sipping on my chilled wine, I was slipping into a euphoric state of almost ‘romantic’ bliss!

Melanie Massell; Leslie Hinsz & Karen Klarich
I was in this state of pure contentment, when my ‘girl’s night out’ companions joined me:  Melanie Massell (singer/entertainer); Karen Klarich (singer/entertainer); and Wendy Joffee (drummer/entertainer). ALL three of these ladies are talented musicians in their own right, so who better to share this experience

Wendy Joffe & Tanya McCormic
Immediately embarking on our enthusiastic ‘girl talk’, we all looked up when we heard this ‘stirring & soulful’ voice start to sing!!  

In a very smooth transition,
Tanya McCormic had joined Matt on stage to lend her vocal stylings to the evening. Like Matt, no fanfare just an effortless and
unassuming enhancement (kind of like the icing on
Tanya McCormic
the cake).  Or, as Melanie Massell said “where melted caramel meets the candied apple’!!    

ALL of a sudden, Melanie’s reference to ‘apple’ put us in mind of ‘Sex in the City’!!  Here we were, four girls out on the town enjoying girl talk in a sophisticated setting but without the expensive wardrobe (you gotta LOVE Florida)!!!

Tanya McCormic has one of those voices that truly does ‘soothe the soul’ and touch ‘the heart’!!  With song selections like:  Dreams; Sentimental Reasons & Midnight on the Oasis, she added an understated ‘sultriness’ to the mood.

If you find that wine contributes to your ‘mood’, you won’t be disappointed!  Pub 88 promotes itself as a ‘wine bar’ and they have an extensive selection.  They did something on their menu that I personally really appreciated!!  When you order a glass of wine, you have two choices:  a 6 or a 9 ounce version!!  I just thought that was such a fabulous idea!!! 

Pressed Reuben
Pub 88 also offers food!  While they do not have their own kitchen, they have formed a relationship with their neighbor "The B'Towne Coffee Co" and you can place an order for anything from a salad to a sandwich. The order is placed and in a timely fashion your server walks next door to retrieve your order and delivers it to your table!  I ordered their pressed Reuben and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Speaking of food, Tanya McCormic told me that they will be offering a small ‘nibble & snack’ menu soon.

While Matt & Tanya are what I consider to be the ‘headliners’, PUB 88 also presents other musical guests & entertainers!   Make sure you check out their FACEBOOK page to find out who is coming up next!!!   

I’ve heard from MORE than one musician friend, that they are just itching to sit behind that BLUE Piano!!!  To date, the Funkmen, Sidney James Wingfield, & Pat Walsh have performed there.  I’ve already made plans to go back on June 29th to hear two of my
Georgia & Mike
favorite performers “Georgia & Mike”!

With this kind of musical variety, Pub 88 will appeal to a lot of people and evoke many moods!  This charming Pub possesses the sophistication of a Manhattan Night Spot with the laid back charm of historic downtown Bradenton. 
Pub 88 opens their doors at 4 (with happy hour from 4-6) and stays open until 2:00 a.m.  

The entertainment thus far, has been scheduled from 6 until 10 p.m..  In addition to their indoor seating, they also have an outdoor patio where you can still see the “Blue Piano”!!!  Speaking of outdoors, there is parking on 12th Street/Old Main but most of the parking is limited to 2 hours.  There is a large parking lot within walking distance just North of Pub 88 that is only 25 cents per hour.

A little 'surprise'!!
Sketch by Melanie Massell

LOOK what Melanie Massell sketched
while we were there!!!  She also graciously got up and graced us with a 'song'!

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